Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A magical place

Today we visited Crook Hall in Durham, a place we return to once every couple of years.  Each time, its charm increases, its interior displays have developed and its garden has grown.  A hidden gem in the city centre, nestling only a few hundred yards from the concrete horrors of the passport office, this lovely little 13th century house weaves a special magic.

When we first visited, dd and her friends were most taken with the ghost stories, which may or may not have any foundation.  Apparently, the ghost of a beautiful and heartbroken young woman (aka 'the white lady') periodically appears on the staircase, and there are spectral sensations to be felt on touching the walls of the Jacobean hall.

Spooks or not, it's a lovely space in which to walk, to draw, to tackle the maze, or simply to sit and chat.  Much drawing done today by dd, which will doubtless end up in some digitized form further down the line.

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